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Build Instant Credibility

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  • Write a Story for you
  • Contact over 2000 media outlets about you
  • Guarantee you will be published in 200 publications
  • Provide you with "As See On" logos you can use for Fox, CBS, NBC
  • Plus a Bunch of EXTRAS!!!

Reporters are SEARCHING for positive stories to tell in the wake of all the negative COVID-19 news. We will help you get your story published and change your life!

2 years ago, we could not get published in Fox, or NBC, or CBS to you at this price. In fact, 2 years ago, clients paid $2000 dollars for half of what we can offer you today for just $397. Today, you will get published in a minimum of 200 outlets for only $397. You need to act now while publications are hungry for positive stories because this will not last.

April Was Amazed How Easy The Process Was

Please Check All The Boxes That Apply to You!

  • I rebranded my business (logo or website)
  • I just launched a new product or service
  • I updated my products or services
  • My business made a charitable donation
  • I hired a new staff (employee, contractor, or intern)
  • I completed a big job for a client
  • I just won a big job
  • I celebrated a business anniversary or other milestone
  • I have "special" event coming up (workshop, seminar, zoom, meetup group meeting, presentation)
  • Anything else that is unique about your company

If You Check ANY Of The Boxes Above,

Then You Have A Story To Tell

And The Press Will Want It!

April Griffith Fox 34 article about helping 200 women lose 10 pounds

How Can This Benefit Me?

  • "As See On" Logos build instant credibility with your customers
  • Media mentions are the greatest Social Proof
  • Sets you above your competition as an Authority in your field
  • Increase your Google Search footprint
  • Increase website traffic and potential conversions
  • Positive impacts on your SEO
  • Generates BUZZ through social posts
  • You can use the "As Seen On" Logos forever
  • This service is 100% Done For You! We write the article and do the work. 
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Read This Before Going ANY Further

From The Desk of the $100K Challenge Chick

I launched my business to help women entrepreneurs during the pandemic and quickly realized that I needed social proof as I was struggling to build by online community.

Within 2 weeks of my article being published, I had other publications reaching out to me asking to feature me to their audiences. What was even cooler was the article shows up on the first page of Google when search my name. Talk about building credibility. 

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Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Process...



Step 1 - Sign up

Click the link and let's get started


Step 2 - Complete the Questionnaire

In order to tell your story effectively we need some information about you and your company. The questionnaire will take you about 30 minutes to complete. We will also ask you to upload your logo. Your logo will be featured as part of your press release. We want to begin making your logo a brand. 


Step 3 - Access the Bonuses

We give you access to all of your bonuses right upfront. 

  • Begin planning how you will use your As Seen on Logos on your web site and social media
  • Use our template to draft the email you will send to all of your clients
  • A list of over 50 pages Press Release topics that the media love to cover
  • An article of how Press release can affect the ranking of your website in Google search positively.


Step 4 - Writers Craft Your Story

Using the information provided in your questionnaire and your website, my writers will craft a Press Release that will grab the attention of publications. The press release writing is complete 1 week after you submit your questionnaire. 

  • We write your Press Release (up to 400 words)
  • Use our template to draft the email you will send to all of your clients


Step 5 - We Send Your Press Release

As Soon as the writers are complete, my Distribution Team starts to call and email our network of publications to get your story published. Within a week, they will have a minimum of 200 YESes from publications to print your Press Release. 


Step 6 - Distribution Report

After we have confirmed your release was published we will send you a PDF with links to all of your articles.

  • Link to Google Search Results with all of the publications that published your press release
  • List of All the Logos of the publications that published your Press Release


If we do not secure you a minimum of 200 outlets, we will give you...



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This Opportunity Will Not Last Long!

  • You know you need to build credibility
  • You know your business needs more visibility
  • You know having the Social Proof of big names like NBC, FOX and CBS will help you sell more
  • You know you want to make a difference in this world
  • You are tired of seeing people less qualified get featured and win
  • You have a Double your MONEY BACK Guarantee


I'm so glad you asked!

YES! I'm Ready To Have My Story Shared in The Press.

  • Press Release Distribution to 2000 outlets (Value $1997)
  • Professionally Written Press Release (Value $375)
  • Press Release Distribution Report (Value $99)
  • BONUS: Article, "46 Press Release Topics"
  • BONUS: Article, "Press Releases, SEO, and Your Website"
  • Bonus: Email Templates (Value $250)
  • BONUS: "As Seen On" Logos Templates (Value $99)

Total Value $


Today Just $697


We have over 6000 publications in our network. Here are just 24 of them! Our Distribution Team will consider your niche and story to find the best publications for your Press Release. 

Different publications for press releases

Is it Legal to Use "As Seen On" Logos?

YES. Absolutely. Your press release will be featured on affiliates of FOX, CBS, NBC, the CW, ABC and many more. Once any of the affiliates run your press release you are legally allowed to display their logos on your promotions.

Will this work for my business?

We only have 1 technical requirement to make this work for you: You must have a Facebook page or a website. Our questionnaire will help us get a good sense of your business history and any other new worthy facts you would like to share.

Do you accept all types of business?

We accept all types of legal businesses except the following categories: pornography of any kind, CBD, Marijuana, gambling sites, sites that make false claims, sites that insight/promote violence or any form of hatred. 

Do I have to write the Press Release?

No! Our writers will craft a professional press release that tells your story. 

Can I write my Press Release?

Absolutely. Our writers  will gladly take your copy and edit it to match press release standards. 

Can I edit my Press Release before it is distributed?

Yes. We offer 1 round of edits for accuracy of the information in our press release. Editors at each publication have the right to edit the grammar in the releases we submit before they are published.

How long is the Press Release?

Press Release will be up to 400 words.

How long will it take for my Press Release to be distributed?

Typically it takes 3-4 business days after you finalize the copy for your release to be live in all of the outlets.

How long will my press release be available on these sites?

We hate this answer but... It Depends. Each outlet is different. Some outlets will leave your story up forever and other will take them down after a set period of time. The key is, once an outlet has published your story, you can use their logo forever.

What is Press Release Distribution Service?

A press release distribution service, also known as press release syndication service, is the process of sending out a press release, written by us, to journalists and media members. Landing media coverage, both online and offline, is great for brand exposure and can generate a good range of natural backlinks to your website.

Why should I hire a professional?

Because we do all the work for you! :) Our writers have years of experience in writing engaging and effective press releases which catch the attention of the media.

How many publications will my press release appear in?

We guarantee you a minimum of 200 publications. 


The decision is now.